Friday, March 11, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #31 - Baking Pan Cupboard...(aka...Lord, please take me home now...)

I was dreading this corner cabinet even more than the Tupperware Cupboard.  It was disorganized, overloaded, and to make matters worse, my Mom had been in town, and she is famous for putting away my dishes in exactly the wrong place.  (I'm trying not to complain....really, I'm not....but if you don't know where something goes, don't you just normally leave it on the counter and say, "I wasn't sure where those belonged."  Just sayin'.)  But my Mom is a busy bee, and has the tenacity of a bulldog....all great if she sees a pan that needs putting away she'll stuff it where ever she feels like!


I couldn't dodge it any longer.  My four year old was in grand spirits today, and happily coloured and played with her tinkerbell dollies while Mommy spent the better part of the afternoon on her hands and knees with her head buried in the depths of the cabinet.  I don't know why she was in such a particularly contented mood today, but I was rolling with it!

You know the drill...I pulled everything out, gave the cupboard a good scrubbing, and decided what I could put on the ever growing garage sale pile.

I then wrestled with shelf liner for a goodly while, as my cabinets are in pretty bad shape.  And no....I didn't get it on perfectly, and yes there are bubbles and wrinkles.  Lastly, I rearranged how I was storing items (more commonly used on the upper, less frequent on the lower) and nested things according to type.

At last!

Oh, what a relief to have this declutter behind me!  My knees are killing me!

But me and my ever so patient girls?  We are SO gonna bake together tomorrow!  :-)

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