Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #42 - Thinning out the Bookshelf

OK, so I'll be honest - I haven't been decluttering EVERY day now, but it's a good thing because spring has tentatively arrived on the West Coast.

However, a viral croup has also arrived for my little one, so I had to cancel appointments yesterday & today (renal for her, orthodontics for her sister) and spend lots of time inside, giving nebulizing treatments, watching shows, and generally laying low with Little Miss Wheezy.

Lots of time inside means that there was bound to be a Declutter waiting for me....

Oh, it's hard to declutter books, isn't it?  But when books are starting to get stacked in front of books then either you get another bookshelf (no thanks - there's really not much room for another piece of furniture!) or downsize.

I realized that just because I LIKED that book, and enjoyed reading it in the past, it didn't mean I had to hang on to it.  I came at it with the attitude that there were plenty of other great books out there waiting to be discovered!  And I really like to utilize the local library - they've got the storage space for waaaay more books than I do!

Sometimes decluttering can get pretty messy...

Especially cluttered was the top of the bookshelf - all the cards from my kids and husband were jammed into a couple boxes and were starting to pile up on top.

I found a sturdy, cardboard box that fit these papers and cards nicely, but it wasn't that pretty.

I had some pretty paper left over from Bulliten Board Makeover so I decided to give the box a quick makeover.

Keepin' it real....I didn't have enough paper to cover the whole box.  Ah, well - no one will see the backside!

I managed to clear an entire shelf of books, so I was able to move the bins of cards onto their very own spot, and placed my sewing kit on the top shelf, away from little hands that tend to get into it!

P.S.  The little Raggedy Anne is a piggy bank I received from my grandparents when I was 3 years old, and the "well loved" Hollie Hobby Doll was my first dolly from my mom.  They are very sweet up there!


  1. I recognize a lot of *my* favourite books in your bookcase...Little House, L. M. Montgomery, Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird...

    The bookcase looks great...

  2. Looks nice! Have a great week!

  3. What a great difference between the before and after! Good job!

  4. Brilliant!

    I am an avid reader, I devour books. That said, I have never understood buying/keeping every book I've enjoyed. I'd be buried!

    There's a reason for the public library, and the few times I've purchased a book that is enjoyable but not a "keeper" I've enjoyed passing it ON to someone else to enjoy too!

    Your bookshelf looks fantastic - and hailing from the Raggedy Ann and Holly Hobbie era, I love those too! Very sweet accents for your shelf.

  5. Well done! Book cases tend to be a hot spot for collecting extra stuff.

  6. We have a great library up here in Humboldt. It looks out over the bay and I utilize it quite a bit. In fact going today! I hope Ms. Wheezy is feeling better. Allergies have hit here on the North Coast. I was using my Flovent, not realizing it was at 0!! No wonder I was having a flare!

  7. I love books too. The library is my favorite place. But no doubt I have a good book collection that I just can't let go of for now. Maybe someday..... Your shelves look great. Happy Organizing!

  8. Thanks for your kind words, ladies - hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Don't work too hard! ;-)

  9. wow, great job! I need to go through my books too! Such a daunting task. :)

  10. I <3 Holly Hobby. I used to have that exact same one. I think books are hard too, but I keep repeating my mantra to myself "there's always the library".

  11. Wow well done you did a great job :) I really need to go through all my books too... actually I need somewhere to store all my books lol

  12. You had a lot of great books! They are hard to get rid of, but I try to keep the local library in mind too. My thing is that I try to just hang on to Christian books that I doubt that I would generally be able to find at the library. I have others too, but that's definitely my biggest category!
    The book shelf looks great!