Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #29 - Organizing Cable & Cord Chaos!

I'm sure many of you are like me and suffer from a little something I like to call, "cord anxiety".  You know how it goes.  You own multiple electronic devices & they all have completely different USB cables and charging plugs.  Finding what you need can be a nightmare!  It is shocking how many of these items we have stuffed in our drawer.  Add cameras, memory cards, headphones, various batteries, and whatever else that can be deemed, "Audio Visual" and you have this result.

Can you blame my heart palpitations when I see something like this?

Thus, for the past month I've been squirreling away every little cardboard box that we used.  I would cut them down to size, and would tape up the open end as well so that I got two boxes out of the deal.

I cornered my husband into helping me decide what we needed to keep and what we could toss.  He didn't want to toss anything, protesting "You can never have too many cords and cables!  You never know when one might break and you need a replacement.  And I may need to cobble together a gaming system or connect three computers together to a projector."  He safely tucked away whatever cables that we didn't use ALL the time into his box full of cords and other computer peripherals.  That one is right next to his other box full of RCA cables and speaker wire.  I never new such boxes existed in the world until I married my husband.  And thank goodness for his geeky ways!  As I like to say, "I'm sleeping with my I.T. Guy"

Back to the declutter.  I arranged the little boxes into the drawer and neatly wrapped all the cords, and this is the result!

I'm feeling MUCH better now!
Organizing Junkie


  1. Wow, nice work. That first picture does just give me anxiety looking at it. You could put a little tape flag on each of them an label them too if you needed to.

  2. Great job. I know what you mean by cords everywhere. It's amazing when we go on a trip. We have our cell phone chargers, gps cord, ipod & itouch cords. Cords can really get out of control quick. Nice solution to your problem.


  3. Wow - maybe there is hope for all of our cords and cables - my sweet husband has the same protests!

  4. I'm married to a techie (and am an ex-techie myself), so I really appreciate this post! What I am dealing with right now is organizing the cords behind my husbands desk - it just looks so messy! One day at a time I suppose ... I worked on underneath my bathroom vanity this week. What a difference!


  5. I forgot to say I became a follower - I'm excited to see what you do next. :)

  6. Thanks, everyone. Cardboard boxes have been my greatest, frugal organizing solution!

  7. I LOVE IT! I've heard other people say they use boxes but I've never seen it in action before. Your pics are fantastic. I'm totally going to do that with my cords! Thanks!

    And the "I'm sleeping with my I.T. Guy" line? LOL!

  8. Your before picture looks almost identical to our "technology" drawer. I'm definitely inspired to take it on now!

  9. Not that I'm proud, but your single drawer has nothing on my entire closet.
    Living in a house of 3 techies and a horder to boot, I have found myself with an entire closet full of old computer screens, printers, hard drives, mother boards, fans, cds, manuals, extension cables, and dozens upon dozens of cables; all of which are thrown in to this closet and the door shut quickly behind it before the lot falls out on top of you.
    I greatest wish is to get this entire closet EMPTY! But alas, I am not allowed in.