Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #39 & #40 - Daily Double

My declutters are getting easier and easier - I managed to get two done today.  So here's a Daily Double!

My bedside table is mostly home to various yummy scented moisturizers, a prayer journal, and assorted tossed in items including a couple bookmarks.  I still haven't trained myself to use bookmarks though!

I had so many containers of half used lotions that were just tossed in there any which way.  I decided to keep them all, but mix them up together into just a couple containers.  It ended up smelling pretty yummy!  Less is more in this case.

Simple and functional - I like to sit on the edge of my bed and put lotion on before my socks, so it's better to keep all this stuff here rather than in my bathroom.

Now onto the bathroom!

I really can't believe I'm showing you this cabinet.  Eeek!  Transparency is very motivating!

If you're anything like me, most of the stuff under your cabinet gets forgotten about and barely used.  My daily stuff is on my open shelf and my makeup fits in a little bag on the counter.  I don't wear a lot of make up and I've gotten better at streamlining my products.  By the time you're in your late 30's you don't need 28 shades of eyeshadow and 14 lip colours.  At least I don't.  :-)

I even went through my big bag of nail polish and tossed all the ones that were getting gummy.  I'm sure some of them were over 10 years old!

I also collected up all the little bars of soap that we got from hotel rooms or other people had given to us (and we never use since we always have liquid hand soap!) and put them aside for another purpose.  I'll post on that tomorrow.....

Everything else went into baskets and containers and here is the end result!
If you're overwhelmed with all the stuff cluttering up your bathroom, here are some strategies I've learned over the years.

1.  Only keep on the counter items you use multiple times a day - soap, toothbrushes, maybe hairbrushes etc in storage tumblers or jars.

This multi-purpose storage tumbler is made from recycled glass.  Cool!
Recycled Glass Toothbrush Holder

This is a good idea- keep the toothbrushes mounted on the wall or in the medicine cabinet.
Hang Away Universal Toothbrush Holder (GID STYLE) with 3M Tape Backing 100% USA. Other styles available from SB Products Store Front on Amazon. To see more product pictures click here...

Here's a little something for the germ-a-phobe!
iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer
I loooove the style of this one!
America Retold Chemist Ivory Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked - onto tip two!

2.  Keep in the medicine cabinet, drawers, or shelf items you use once a day - makeup, hair products, deodorants.  If you have a teeny bathroom like mine, an over the toilet cabinet  or shelf is a great space saver.
Ameriwood Bathroom Wall Cabinet in EspressoZenith 982CH Space Saver, Modern ClassicZenith Products 9107W Country Cottage Etagere Over-the-Toilet Shelving System, WhiteNassau Louvered Door SpacesaverWhite Finish Wood Commode With Storage Shelves And Glass Doors For Cupboard On TopBamboo Space Saver Cabinet in NaturalFieldcrest Wall Cabinet - White

3.  Keep under the sink or lower storage items you only use occasionally.  Pedastal sinks are obviously no good for this.  Who ever brought back pedastal sinks into fashion anyway?  I always wonder where do people put their stuff?

4.  Never use an item?  Toss it!!!!

This day was pretty easy....but I still have to face my bedroom closet.....

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