Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #25 - Tupperware Cupboard

I couldn't avoid this one forever.

Believe it or not, I actually thinned out this cupboard in a MAJOR way about a year ago.  I think I got rid of 50 yogurt containers.  But this corner cabinet is such a nemesis.  I don't have enough cupboard or drawer space to house my tupperware, so you know how it goes.  Things get tossed in, the door hurriedly shut, and then later you're on your hands and knees trying desperately to find a LID!!!!  Why does nothing ever match?

First things first, I pulled everything out, gave the cupboard a good wipe down, and then set about matching lids to their mates.  There's no way avoiding a huge mess on the kitchen floor, but the secret is that if you plan it right, you surround yourself with an inescapable sea of tupperware, from which you cannot be freed until the task is complete.  Thank goodness my 4 year old was in good spirits today and painted happily at the table while Mommy was occupied.

Then, I purged all the pieces that weren't matched (into the recycle bin) as well as any that were warped or broken.

Who needs to pay for organizers?  You know what I did!  Cut down some cereal boxes to house the lids!
You can see I have terrible printing....I wish I could make these look cutesy, but by this point into the process I just want to get it done!  I am no there such a word as "good enough-ist?".

Then I nested the containers together according to shape and size.

I probably kept too many, so maybe I'll do another purge before our garage sale this spring.

Almost 15 years ago, I received at my bridal shower a giant cake tote.  I've never put a cake in it, but it has held baby rattles, books, and now large tupperware lids.  Since these are rarely used it got pushed to the back corner.

Large tupperware bowls (which usually end up as popcorn bowls) are on the bottom shelf, as well as items that aren't often used.

This little project took me two hours.  How quickly do you think it will become undone?

Keepin' it real....taking on a project like this means that the rest of my kitchen is a mess, my daughter's painting project has spread across the kitchen table, my big girls are now home from school and are scrounging for snacks and making their own hot chocolate, we leave for swimming lessons in half an hour and company is coming for supper tonight.  (Taco Soup is in the Crock Pot....easy, easy, easy)  But I must fly!

Organizing Junkie


  1. I used to have this problem, but over time I have replaced all my plastic dishes with the rubbermaid that have the lids that stick together. I keep them in an upper cabinet.

    My lower corner cabinet is where my pots and pans have gone awry. even adding baskets for lids, it only takes a couple of days for the mess to return.

  2. Tupperware = my organizing nemesis!

    Way to conquer it!


  3. Way to organize! Looks good. I jsut went and looked at my plastics cabinet, YIKES. I think I will do that next week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I use a plastic dishpan that works well for my lids, but you have even a better solution i think.

  5. Thanks everyone! It's actually staying organized! Those rubbermaid containers are awesome for stacking together.

  6. oh...the dreaded Tupperware cupboard! Yours looks great...I've been avoiding mine for a few months...I need to tackle it and yours is inspiring me to! Maybe when my toddler is sleeping this weekend!