Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #35 - Games....Worth the Valuable Cupboard Space!

Back before my husband & I were married, we spent a lot of time with another family who had been married for over 10 years with two children.  One thing we loved about this couple is how much they enjoyed playing games with each other & with their guests.  I don't recall ever seeing the TV on in their home.  But they had the most impressive games CLOSET!  From the top to the bottom, filled with nothing but games.  I distinctly remember my then fiancee & I saying how much we wanted that for our future family.

We are well on our way.  We don't have an entire closet, but a few select cupboards.  As I was organizing them today, I only had the heart to get rid of two - Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and Magnetic Backgammon.  I'm tempted to get rid of Monopoly, because we never play it....but it's just such a classic.

I did manage to shift some shelves around a bit to better contain the ones we are sticking with.  But that's the great thing about decluttering.  You get to decide what's really worth keeping.  And this is one investment in love and laughter in our family that is worth holding onto.  (Especially since we get most of our games from Value Village - you can pick up some real gems there!)

These are just the games that our 4 year old can play - won't be long till she's into Catan & Ticket to Ride!


  1. I also dream of a closet dedicate only to games. Since my house is closet-less I'm settling for a shelf for now.

    Your comment about Catan and Ticket to Ride made me giggle. Just the other day I looked down at my baby belly and thought "I can't wait to teach you to play Catan!" I think I'm a little bit early on that one ;)

  2. Your little one will be playing Catan before you know it! Our older girls started playing most of our board games by the time thyey were about eight.