Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #34 - $2 Linen Closet Solution

I actually did do a daily declutter yesterday, but I didn't post it, since it was more of a "Spring Clean". I pulled out the bottom drawer from under the oven, and decided NOT to take a picture and horrify you all. I'm sure your brain can imagine the scunge.

Today's declutter was much more gratifying. The linen closet. I have to organize this area on a fairly regular basis, since let's face it, kids aren't that careful about keeping stacks of towels neatly folded.

The area that was the most troublesome was the bottom.  All the big blankets and extra pillows get stored here, but our girls also like using this area as a great hiding spot.  It becomes a real pain though when blankets are spilling into the hall and you can't close the door.

Through all my decluttering and home organizing I've been learning that SMALLER SPACES = BETTER STORAGE.  I asked my husband if he could build another shelf for the closet.  A trip to IKEA and a visit to our favourite "as is" section produced a $2 piece of shelving.

Can you spot it?  Just one extra shelf made such a difference!  I was able to take a bag of scrap fabrics that was in my closet and put it in the large basket.  I also stored our winter flannel sheets in a clear bedding bag and put those on the very top.  Another great tip I learned for keeping sheets nicely organized is to fold them up and place them inside their pillowcase.

Fitted sheet, top sheet, & pillowcase, all nicely kept together & ready to go.  Thank you, Martha Stewart!

This $2 shelf took my husband less than an hour to cut and put up.  Why didn't I ask him to do this years ago? What a difference an extra shelf makes!  Are there closets in your home that could use an extra shelf or two?  All you need is a piece of wood cut to size (Home Depot will do this for you if you don't have a saw) and a couple brackets.  My husband just cut a few pieces of wood to size to make brackets to match the other ones already in the closet, but you can buy all sorts of easily mountable brackets from hardware stores.  Two dollar storage solution - sooooo simple.  Especially if you have a Mr. Fix-it-Fox like I do!

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