Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kitchen Makeover Surprise!!!

I came home today to be completely suprised by a kitchen makeover!  A couple of my friends had snuck in while I was gone and blessed my socks off with repainting a kitchen table & adding so many more beautiful little touches!

Okay here's the back story.  My husband and I found a solid wood kitchen table and four ladderback chairs from a thrift store about a month back.  They were in great shape but the table top was painted a light sagey green, that while probably looked great in someone else's kitchen, wouldn't work in mine.

I thought of my friend, Michele, who is great with do it yourself decorating, and asked her if she could come over to give a few pointers on what colour I should paint it.   Plus it was a great chance for two busy mommies to visit. She was awesome in her painting advice and I could see her mind whirring with possibilities for the kitchen.

As she left my house that day she later said that she felt the Lord telling her that she was supposed to bless our family with a kitchen makeover.  So she conspired with my husband to get me out of the house for the day (church in the AM & then lunch & shopping at IKEA in the PM.)  He spent the day before testing out his new sander on the kitchen table so that it would be all ready for the painters!

Here's the only before I have of the $20 thrift store find.

The colour isn't very accurate in this picture, the top looked a lot greener in real life.

This is a before in the kitchen that my husband snuck this morning.

When I came home I discovered THIS!
Not only had my "little elf" painted the kitchen table in a beautiful, glossy white, but she also put up a gorgeous silver framed mirror, and added a whole bunch of other decorative elements and vignettes to tie the whole thing together.

This mirror fits perfectly and makes the kitchen seem waaay bigger!

I "heart" this!  And I never would have thought of adding a black shaded lamp here.  So elegant!

The black touches help balance what was previously a space overly washed in white.

 A sweet little trio of botanical prints.  Michele said she was inspired by my yellow kitchen walls.

Another happy little spot!

Everything including the kitchen sink got a special something!

What a great, inspiring place for my girl to do her homework!

My friend could not keep herself anonymous.  I KNEW as soon as I walked in that my friend had pulled this off!  She had help from her hubby and our friend, Deanna.  Thank you, everyone!  In the typically humble manner of someone who enjoys blessing others, Michele wrote this in a note to me...
"You and Mike are amazing people - you have given so much of yourselves to those you've been called to serve. A mommy's life is always busy and added to that for you are the many appointments and care for sweet Ellie. You are a blessed family in so many ways - the treasures you have in each other are beautiful, it is very evident!!

So, all that to say this, enjoy your space. I was so inspired that day - you had everything already there - the furniture, the desk, the table - it was great!! I didn't think you'd mind, but I called Mike with a bit of timidness, knowing in my heart what I was to do, and yet to ask someone if you can come into their house and "do stuff" - ha'!! Well, it's a first for me - but I do hope you enjoy it."

My kitchen may have been a first for Michele, but I hope it's not her last.  I told her she could do this as a business and I know that if you needed a consultant that she would have great advice for you!  I'm officially endorsing, "Designs by Michele" or whatever she should call it.  No pressure, Michele.  Okay, maybe a bit of pressure.  Forget Benjamin Moore - you've got what it takes girl!

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!  I know that blessing will be poured out on you because, "The generous will prosper, those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed."  (Proverbs 11:25)


  1. Yay! So glad you like it Lynn! Michele is definately gifted with the "eye" of interior decor! I agree, she needs to start at business! I was so thrilled when she approached me re: an opportunity to bless you! Every detail was inspired by the wonderful Michele! So glad you love it! You DESERVE it, girl!

  2. Thanks Lynn :) I hope it won't be my last, not sure if I could start a business, but I do love doing stuff like this. Enjoy it - you deserve sweet surprises and blessings my friend!! Have a wonderful day in every way :)

  3. Um, that was me, Michele, not Anth - sorry, I logged in thru his account :) haa!!