Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Stew Special - Burritos 911!

For some reason, on Saturday night I completely forgot that I needed to pull together something to put in the crock pot for Sunday's lunch.  It was probably because I was just plain old tuckered out from our scary shed clean out from that afternoon or because my oldest girl was having a friend sleep over so we were enjoying a late night movie & candy fest.

I actually slept in later than I normally do on Sundays, and it wasn't until half an hour before I needed to leave for church that I remembered, "Ack!  Lunch!  I have nothing in the crockpot!"  It was tempting for a second to think, "Well, we'll just do fast food lunch out today", but I quickly shoved that thought aside and rose to the challenge of a last minute crock pot meal.

It also happened to be one of those days where you seem to be out of everything in the fridge, all at once, but I did see that we had ground beef and sour cream.  I thought perhaps I could do some sort of easy beef stroganoff, but that thought didn't really appeal to me.  Then I noticed the container of salsa, and so the idea of something sort of Mexican came to mind.  So here is my thrown-together-completely-last-minute-Sunday-Stew-Special which we decided to call...

"Burritos 911"

Brown 2 lbs ground beef with a couple teaspoons garlic powder
Dump into crock pot and stir in a tub of sour cream and about 2 cups chunky salsa.
Heat on low a few hours.
Have husband pick up some tortillas on the way home.
Serve with grated cheese (we had mozza).

OK, so maybe my burritos weren't as perfectly folded and garnished with cilantro....or is that parsley?

Anyway, here are the results from the BROWNLEE TEST KITCHEN...

4 year  old - I like the cheese.  Can I have more fishy crackers?  Moommmmmmmy....I want more fishy crackers!
Husband - it's good.  A little too juicy though.
12 yr old - I'm not really sure.  A little messy.
Donny (starving college student #1 who had polished off his first burrito before I even had a chance to glance at mine) - It's nice and juicy.  And it's cool 'cause all the food is already all mixed together.  You don't need to make other dishes dirty. (which I heartily agreed with - oh, the wonders of a crockpot!).
10 yr old - I like it.  It's very juicy and a little spicy.  You should forget to make stew more often.
James - ( starving college student #2)  I like it.  It's even better with cheese. Everything is better with cheese!
The Cook - I'm just glad I was able to throw something together last minute.  And I like it better than the Irish Stew we had last week!

So there you have it, not quite a stew, but the Crock Pot still saves the day.

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