Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge # 25 - Baggie Drawer

Does anyone else have one of these drawers? You store your saran wrap, aluminum foil, etc in there?

Well I do too, and one of my goals has been to actually cut down on our purchasing and usage of plastic bags. We made the switch to cloth grocery bags a while back, but I was still using little sandwich bags and produce/bulk food bags. I decided the least I could would be to reuse what I already have (from bread. produce, bulk items, cereal bags etc) and stop wasting money buying them.

But I forgot to mention this to my helpful husband and so a couple weeks ago he bought a hundred pack EACH of zip lock bags and snack bags. So we're stuck in plastic for a while yet.

Anyway, to the decluttering point. The drawer was getting crazy out of control with all my repurposing plans.

That's a big mess o' plastic bags.

But as you may know....I've become a big fan of repurposing cardboard food boxes into custom sized organizers.  I took a peek into my recycling bin and found an empty Kleenex box that I thought would fit all the extra little plastic baggies that I was saving.  Plus, I cut down a couple other boxes for recycled freezer size zip-loc bags and wax paper cereal bags.


The Kleenex box fit PERFECTLY!  I was sure it would be too large, but the width was the exact size of the drawer, and the drawer shuts smooth like butter.  I can simply reach into the box & pull out a baggie just like a tissue.  I can't say enough how much this thrilled me.  I made my whole family come and check this organizational wonder out.  They humoured me.  And while my husband may not share my passion for repurposing, his spatial reasoning sure makes him appreciate a perfect fit.

Anyway, till I can get around to sewing my own reusable produce/bulk bags, then this will help me reduce my plastic bag consumption.

Before you toss your next Kleenex box, maybe you should take another look at it!  I think I'm going to save another one for my girls' headbands & hair elastics.  Drawer by drawer, bit by bit....I think I'm starting to get a hang of this organizing thang.

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