Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #32 - The Recipe Cupboard

Today I decluttered a cupboard above the stove that I rarely open.

As much as I love to cook, I find that I rarely look into my recipe books.  And when it looks like this, can you blame me?  I look online for most of my recipes, and often have my laptop sitting next to the stove while I cook - much to my husband's horror!

I pulled everything out - recipe books, magazines, loose papers, cards, and went through it all.

This is what I decided to get rid of...papers went into the recycle bin and the cookbooks went into the garage sale pile.

I couldn't part with it all so I kept the ones that were sentimental to me (...the 4-H cookbook my Grandma gave me shortly before she passed away, our church cookbook...), my Company's Coming books ('cause they're just spectacular), and I kept in the card box my favourite recipes and my holiday traditionals, not just, "Hey this recipe looks good...maybe I'll make it someday."

Once everything was decluttered I realized that I had waaaay more cupboard space than I thought.  Up went the fondue pots, freeing up the cupboard over the fridge.

So much better!

I took a couple items that were cluttering up the floor next to the fridge, and was able to put them in the newly freed up cupboard!

My house seems bigger by the day!  I don't need more space, just less stuff.

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