Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #28 - The Craft Drawers

In my kitchen I've got a great shelving unit from IKEA  with drawers for my kids' crafts, playdough, etc.  From the outside you'd think I'm a really organized person.

Till you pull them open.

All three drawers looked pretty much like this one.  Except for the drawer marked "PlayDoh" which I already decluttered.

But I refused to be daunted.  I've been focusing on my kitchen lately, so I couldn't avoid this mess forever.

Here's the after!

The main thing I have been learning through all this decluttering is that drawers need to be subdivided.  Baskets, tupperware bins & repurposed boxes are great for this!

It's hard to know what to keep when you're decluttering kid's craft drawers.  I don't want to be so overwhelmed with stuff that we don't have the will to put together a craft, but I also want to have lots of opportunity for creativity.

However, as long as the basics are covered, we're pretty good:  colouring supplies, paint, glue, scissors, scrap paper, and beads.  I'm sure we can add lib with other stuff as it comes along.  (Toilet paper rolls, tissue paper from gifts, christmas & birthday cards...)

What crafty items do you love to keep on hand for your little ones?

P.S.  The audio visual drawer has to be conquered another day...

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  1. Ohhhh! I am with you on this one! I tackled my craft cupboard the other day. Took me most of the day, but now it's done. No more buying stuff I've already got (I hope!)