Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Declutter #18 - Coralling Playdoh

Play-Doh is such a fun activity that it earns an entire drawer in our kitchen.  Today's declutter was a simple one, since it's a busy day - but I was happy with the quick fix results.



Just cleared out any dried up play-doh, empty containers & stray lids.  The flat box that held mangoes last week was the perfect fit!  Even though I didn't get rid of much, it sure makes me feel better when there's a place for everything and everything is in it's place.

Free, fast, fix.


  1. Hey love the decluttering. Just wanted to know if you were making up these challenges or if they are from somewhere else. I have been doing decluttering challenges myself and it makes you feel good when you can see the pictures to see your results. House still needs more decluttering challenges as I have very little time with two young boys. I do love your blog and will keep checking your posts. Great work with the playdo. I just spotted those cereal boxes you cut and used for medicine and painted them. What a great idea. Maybe I might do that myself. Good work.
    Sam (An Organised Mum)

  2. Thanks for following, Samantha! I just randomly pick areas to declutter. It usually depends on my day. If I have very little time then I may just pick one small drawer. Posting it on the blog is helping me stay very motivated and accountable. I figure even if it's just one teeny area, then it's better than nothing!
    Best wishes!
    P.S. The cereal box organizers are simply covered in some shelf liner I had kicking around home.

  3. Hi! Do you mind sending me your email address? Send to kat.tancock at Thanks!

  4. Sure Kat, but if you could just let me know what it is regarding, so I can send you the appropriate email address?