Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Declutter #16 - Cupboard of Scary Stuff

Waaaay up high in one of my cupboards was assorted dangerous, scary items.  Bug spray.  Ant traps.  Raid. Lighters.  And bird food (not quite so scary, but definitely messy.)

Of course, with a shelf you can barely reach, it quickly ends up looking like this.

I realized a lot of the bug killer was expired, (who knew Raid expired?) so I got rid of that.  Felt good to get rid of poison!  The birdseed was difficult and messy to pour into the feeder from that big bag, so I funneled it into a clean, empty milk jug.  The rest just fit into a sturdy, little, mini-orange box.  Nothing fancy, but certainly easier to reach, and less messy.

One shelf, drawer, room, etc. at a time!

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