Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #24 - Baking Supplies Cupboard

I'm really excited about how I've been figuring out how to maximize my storage space.

Here's the before from last week.

I knew I could amalgamate this jumbled mess into two shelves and then free up another shelf for party supplies.   (Those were housed in another chaotic cupboard!)


Got everything out of those messy, plastic bags and put as much as I could in jars.  I love the look of everyday food and objects in jars.   A friend donated these along to me - thanks, Shauna!  I know the cupboard looks more full, and that's because it is!  Two well organized shelves now house what was on three, and another cupboard is now less cluttered.  I wish I took a before of that one!

My husband caught me smiling admiringly at my cupboards last night.  How could I not when I see such a lovely sight?

I love the diamond pattern on the middle jar.

Even toothpicks look intriguing when seen through glass.

Recycled tin cans to house party supplies.  Who needs the Container Store?

Organized.  Free.  Recycled and Repurposed.  Happy, smiling me!

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