Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #15 - The Bell Has Tolled for Tole Painting Art

Just a super quick declutter today as I'm off in a few minutes to teach a group of young adults I mentor about relationships.  Tonight's topic - Character Counts:  AKA - It's All Gonna Sag Anyway.  It's been such a busy week that I've thought about going to once weekly declutters, but I'm on a roll, and even if I do just a little area a day, then I can make more progress.  Posting it on the blog keeps me very motivated and accountable.

Got rid of one thing today!

Sometimes you just get so used to something being on your wall that you forget it's there.  Then you stare at it one day and think aloud, "Where did I get that?  A garage sale 10 years ago?  Do I even like it?  What IS that thing?"  And when your husband replies, "It's a rabbit with a bonnet on it's head", those words are enough to make you think, "Am I drawn to the kind of art that features bonnet-wearing rabbits?"


Then I realized I had a lovely print my mom (who lives in the far North of Canada), sitting in a cupboard because I had nowhere to put it.


From...."What IS that THING?" to "Sweet Whimsical Art by a Northern Artist Whom I Admire From My Mom Whom I Love."


  1. We have a lot of things that have become invisible to us. For 4 years my daughter has had a switchplate in her room that she hates, when she notices it. We can't seem to do anything about it! Maybe we will now that you've inspired me.

  2. Nice change. I love the print. It's so easy to look @ things but not see them. Sometimes I wonder what people see when they walk into my house that I have ceased to see.

  3. Nice switch and GREAT IDEA.

    I like to think I'm very clutter free but the truth is I cling to "conversation pieces" or "I got such a deal" regardless of whether the conversation or savings is anything inspiring to ME.