Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Tried It! I Didn't Like It! - Sunflower Seed Butter

I'm trying out some new foods, recipes, and products in my home.  Buying habit ruts are pretty easy to slip in to!  So to help me experiement with new stuff, I'm starting a new series on Mom Starting From Scratch called, "I Tried It!".   As always,  I'll be honest in my reviews from a regular, suburban, mini-van driving mom standpoint.

My daughter's school is "nut-free" as most are, but my 12 year old loooooves peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  So we found a great alternative called, "Pea-Butter".  A really close alternative!  It's kinda freaky, actually.  If you didn't tell someone it was made of peas, I'm sure they'd just think it was peanut butter.

But it can be hard to find, and the last time I was grocery shopping, Superstore didn't stock it.  No worries, there was another peanut buttery looking spread, called Sunbutter Spread.

I brought it home, opened the jar, gave it a taste, and whoa.

I didn't like it.

It tasted like Sunflower Seeds.  But instead of the flavour you get from eating sunflower seeds one at a time, it tasted like MILLIONS of sunflower seeds at once.  Who knew sunflower seeds had such a strong, acrid flavour?

My 12 yr old didn't like it either, and putting it on bread and hiding it with jam didn't help.

That's okay - I decided to use up some Special K cereal and turn them into Sunbutter Cereal Balls.  I added honey, cranberries,and coconut.  Sounds pretty yummy!

They're still sitting in the fridge.  Reminding me that when you pack that many sunflower seeds together to make a spread, there's just no fooling anybody.


  1. We got our peabutter from IGA, but I don't know if they carry it anymore. Besides, Abby didn't like it very much so we don't buy it anymore.

  2. When you say that you are 'harried' do you mean that you are constantly attacked and harassed, or is it simply an editorial typo?

  3. Oh no typo, Conrad. I am continually attacked and harrassed by piles of laundry, a kitchen that needs cleaning mutiple times a day, and mountains of paperwork that my three daughters bring home. ;-)

  4. Pea butter who knew!! And thanks that you tried sunflower I will definately not buy that , I want to try pumkin seed butter but almond butter is heavenly

  5. in case you dont know who zaira is its me jaki

  6. Try Tahini next, made from sesame seeds and crucial in Hummous. Yum!

  7. My kids LOVE sunflower butter (made by Nuts To You Nut Butter company). They devour it on rice cakes for snack time. We've also tried tahini - yummy with blackstrap molassis (aquired taste), almond butter of course, hemp butter (YUM! but expensive) and pumpkin seed butter. When I finish one jar I buy a different kind etc. Never seen or tried pea-butter... made out of peas??

  8. If you're ever in the States, pick up some Trader Joe's sunflower seed butter. It has sugar added (gasp!) but it's really good. You may have just picked a bad brand.

  9. I think the main thing was we were sorta expecting it to be like Pea Butter - not very strong in it's own taste. More like peanut butter. You mean there's other things out there OTHER THAN PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOUR? My 12 yr old's tastebuds would be in shock.

    Kat - I love Trader Joe's! Such fun items!

    Geoff - I've got a jar of tahini for hummus - never thought of using it on it's own though!