Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafting for the Clueless - Wax Paper Heart Garland

My little one had to miss her preschool party yesterday due to a stomach bug, so I wanted to do something special at home with her.  Decorating for the special days of the year does not have to equal going and buying another binful of stuff.  It's amazing what you can find on other people's thrifty, craft blogs!

I loved this Wax Paper Heart Garland, and this helpful tutorial as well.   I knew I had all the supplies I needed at home - wax paper, broken crayons & an old piece of ribbon.  FREE and REPURPOSED.  Love those words.  Even Martha Stewart (or at least one of her minions), has made some wax paper hearts. Yay for other crafty people who help Clueless Crafters like me!

Once Ellie was up and feeling a little better, I had her pick out some broken red and pink crayons.  I shaved them onto wax paper, covered it with another pieced, put an old towel ontop, and ironed.
I used cookie cutters to trace hearts and then Ellie helped with cutting them out.  This was great scissor practice for her since the wax paper becomes nice and stiff.  Then I hole punched in two places on the side and Ellie threaded a piece of ribbon left over from her big sisters' craft kits.  Cutting, threading....her occupational therapist would be proud.  Not obsessing over perfect hearts makes it more fun for everyone as well!

We hung the garland up over the patio window so the light would shine through and give it that nice semi-transparent glow.  (A sunny day would help with that!)  Plus, it's a little Valentine decoration for the birds who visit our feeder.  Or at least that's what Ellie said.  This took us about an hour total, but I'm sure it would take you less.  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Yay, I love it (: That looks super. Thanks for letting me know! Happy weekend.

  2. It came out great! I love pretty, easy and free :)