Friday, February 4, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #12 - The "Lite" Edition

Today has been a mommy taxi day for me, orthodontics appointment in the city, taking a van load of preteens to a snow tubing event, rescuing a bunch of people from said snow tubing event after the bus breaks down on the side of the nursing two sick children back to health.

But even on days like today I can still declutter one small area....bit by bit right? No excuses...I can still tackle a "lite" area.

Behold....another clutter collector.....the top of the microwave!
 Under that pile is a tray....another cozy home for things to accumulate.   It's so cluttered that there's even money sitting there! Time to pull it all off!

I really debated throwing out the phone books...I generally look for numbers online now.  But my husband said he still uses them from time to time, but it's not really something we need out every day.  Since my desk is more organized, I found some shelf space for them there.  The only things I really wanted daily access to was the birthday calendar, the meal time devotional, and the math flash cards.  (And I was always forgetting to do the math flash cards with my daughter.  They weren't in plain view to remind me daily!)

So once again - I needed to get rid of the "cozy nest" I had placed on top.  Goodbye vintage Coke tray.  You're cool and all, but I've never served a glass of coke off of you and I don't think holding tweezers, glass cleaning cloths, expired coupons and other assorted and sundry items is really what you were made for.

Ever since I got rid of the basket at the top of my stairs, clutter hasn't been collecting there!  I'm hoping for the same for the microwave.

I know a bare microwave would be even better....but I've given clutter one less foothold..

And those math flash cards?  In plain view, baby.  Right underneath my pen.   Yup.  It's still there.

Sorry, beloved daughter - math practice will not be forgotten so easily!

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