Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #13 - Cutlery Drawer

Today's Daily Declutter Challenge took me all of 10 minutes to complete.  The cutlery drawer is an area we see and utilize multiple times a day, so it makes sense that it should be decluttered and organized.

This was bugging me.

About a year ago I won an 8 piece setting of lovely, stainless steel cutlery.   The set in the front. It even came in a new container. I was so happy!  Forks & knives that nestled nicely!  But for some strange reason, I held on to the old set, shoved it further back in the drawer, for the times that we needed extra cutlery.  Mess resulted, since cutlery wasn't put away properly in the back of the drawer.  You know what I've realized?

I don't need two sets.

If we happen to be short a spoon (GASP!),  it's not gonna kill someone to wash one.  Or if on the occaision that we have comany, I've got a lovely box of fancy silverware that I received as a wedding gift.  That set deserves a little more use than the cheap old stuff that I bought from The Bargain Store! when I was single, and the odds and ends my husband brought along with him into marriage.

So I pulled everything out, cleaned the crumbs out of the drawer & containers, kept the newer stuff, and regulated the other set to the garage sale pile.  Then I decluttered stuff I didn't need anymore - goodbye baby cultery!  We've got big kids now.  I only extra stuff I kept in that drawer were items I use daily - the veggie peeler, can opener, and measuring spoons.  The rest went into my other drawer with items I don't use as frequently.
It just makes me feel better looking at it.

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