Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #14 - Just 2 Things

Today has been a very full day.  Donation solicitations in the morning for a school fundraiser, preschool drop off and pick up, catching up on laundry & housework, daughter's friends over for afterschool playdate, company coming for supper, conversations with the staff from the School District who are waiting and wondering just what in the world am I planning on doing with my little one for Kindergarten this year, "If you don't register, you'll lose your spot.  Your daughter may not receive the support she needs."  Talk about pressure!

I considered skipping my declutter challenge - but in the midst of a crazy day, isn't it good to lighten up?

I looked in a cupboard and noticed I had lots of flower vases.  Not too often that I have need of those, (isn't there a Barbara Streisand song about that??).

There were two plastic, and two glass.  I didn't really like the overly fussy style of the plastic one.I decided to keep the simple glass ones, one bud vase & one for a bouquet.  The other two went into my garage sale stack which is growing by the day!

 I'm sure they'll hold flowers again one day.....hint.  hint.

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