Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crafting for The Clueless - Free Valentine's Printables

One awesome thing about the interwebs is that it is filled with lovely, artistic, design oriented people who are passionate about creating things.  And sharing the things they create.  For FREE.

For Clueless Crafting people like me, who'd like to make make your house special for Valentine's Day, but don't have the time or ability to craft, and don't want to get sucked in at the dollar store & fill yet another bin full of decorations that you have to find a home for the other 11 months of the year....

Behold!  The PRINTABLES!

A simple, sweet decor over my desk.

I had my three girls pick out which printable they wanted.  Don't they go wonderfully together?

All it takes is a click and a print and you've got some lovely, fun decor.  You can put them in a frame like I did, or stick them wherever you like!  On your front door!  On the fridge!  On the washing machine!  On your child's lunch bag!

At the end of the season if you don't feel like keeping them, it's no biggie.  Stick them in the recycle bin, or have your child enjoy cutting out the shapes and letters.  Just a frugal tip though - obviously, the ones with more colour will cost more to print.

Here's a site I used with lovely, free printables.  Leave her a kind comment if you used any.  I found another here!   Annnnnnnnd....  last but not least!

Thank you so much lovely, designing, crafty, generous people for sharing....I heart you.

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  1. Wow.. Love how you've grouped the printables together. So cute! Thanks for the feature. :)