Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #18 - Creating Chaos to Get Rid of Clutter

Today I spent some time with my big girls going through a bag of clothes that was passed along to them.  It's always so much fun getting things that are "new to you", isn't it?  But of course as my kids get older, they get more particular about their own personal style and choices.  Some of the clothes were not their taste, but they were still pretty nice.  So we sorted through them all and put a bunch aside for the "Garage Sale Pile".

And when I say "Pile" I mean it.

Since we live in a small house with no garage or basement or extra storage to speak of, any extra, temporary items get put in the hallway outside our homestay student's bedroom.  I'm sorry Brittany!  Good thing she's so sweet and patient.

Which leads me to the point.  Sometimes you need to create a little chaos to get rid of clutter.   Often I simply fill bags to donate to the Sally Anne, but if I feel ambitious enough for a garage sale, then I just have to deal with the pile in the hallway.  Or at least Brittany does!

I was chatting with a friend last week who was in the middle of reclaiming a bedroom that had turned into a storage area.  Since she lives in a little apartment, she needed to accept the fact that she'd have to pull boxes and items into her living room area and deal with the clutter to reclaim the room.  There's nothing like having boxes in your living room to make you rethink the items they hold!

I know it's easier to hide things in a bin or box or cupboard or attic or basement or shed or garage, but every now and then it's worth it to pull them out, create some chaos and then get rid of clutter!

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