Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Declutter Challenge #22 - Back on the Wagon

Totally skipped decluttering yesterday.  Well, that's not entirely true - decluttering piles of laundry was accomplished!  We had the first bout of sunny weather for a long time and adventure was awaiting.  Important decluttering of wintery cobwebs in our souls happened there too.

Today was another full day of adventures, but I did have a chance to declutter a shelf in our en suite bathroom.  This room is often the messiest in the house since no one else has to see it!  It's also very small and serves as our laundry room, so keeping it clear of clutter is pretty important.


I know with bathroom organizing you should only leave stuff in the open that you use daily.  Everything else should go in a cabinet.  Well tons of stuff on that shelf were items we hadn't touched in years.  Literally.  I tossed out a bunch of expired medicine and relocated other first aid stuff to my newly organized medicine cupboard.  ('Cause there was so much more room there!)  Some items got put under the sink (another declutter challenge ahead, that's for sure!), and this is the end result....


You may be thinking, "That doesn't look any emptier!"  It's true, it's not empty.  But I decluttered so much stuff from it that I was able to take the two white containters off my bathroom counter that were holding my hair supplies and make-up.  My bathroom counter is tiny, and you should see what I had crammed on there!  Actually, you can't see.  I didn't take a before pic.  Sorry.

P.S.  You know Altoid Tins?

They are the perfect size for these....

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