Saturday, April 23, 2011

"No Buy" Easter Decorating

I love getting excited about holidays.  And Easter is the best of them all!  But I'm not crazy about excessive materialism and the meaning of special days just getting lost in all the "stuff".  So I've avoided buying decorations for every holiday under the sun, and try to either just make things, or use what we already have.

We gathered up all the bunny/sheep/chickie stuffies in the house and arranged them - add a vase full of moss gathered from the ravine out back, and a mason jar with the chocolate eggs (okay, so I had to buy those) and voila!

Easter vignette that doesn't take up valuable off season storage space!
Cheap bulk section chocolates look so much better in a Mason jar!

I'm also a fan of finding free printables to put into frames with the change in seasons.  I thought this one from "Stay at Home Artist" was really pretty.
Yeah, I know - the praying bunny is over the top cheezy - but I've got three adorable daughters; they are in love with "cute".

I really don't need to schlep home a bunch of stuff from the dollar store to make the celebration special.

Happy Easter!