Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everyday Active #10 - Low Impact

I wasn't able to post this yesterday  because our internet service was down, but I did do this yesterday - honest!

I was battling a low grade headache all day, so I decided that a heart pounding, cardio workout wasn't a great idea.  Good thing the Wii EA Active has some great low impact options.  I chose a workout I had never done before called Upper Body Sculpt and Tone.

While it wasn't a huge calorie burning workout, I know it was worthwhile, because my triceps are achy today!  It makes great use of the resistance band - a great versatile workout tool since you can make the tension whatever you need.

I haven't done a workout today yet and the little one and I are off to a couple Dr's appointments, but I'll fit something in tonight!  Blogging sure keeps me motivated on days that I'd be more inclined to skip....

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