Monday, April 11, 2011

New Series - Everyday Active #1

It's been an awesome ride these last four months since starting this blog.  I feel like I've been actually been able to take some steps into practical, sustainable life change, and my house has become decluttered, bit by bit along the way as well!

But as a busy stay at home mom, there's no way to really, "Do it all - have it all!"  In order to lessen the chaos in my home I did have to sacrifice time to do it.  And the main thing that got cut out to create the time was daily exercise.  I'm by no means a fitness buff, but I do love getting outside, going for power walks, and getting my heart pumping.  So now, at the start of a long, rainy winter, and the hopeful beginnings of spring, I'm feel a little soft.  A little out of shape.  A little sluggish if you will.

Time to get my game on.  And as I discovered with the motivation that blog posting encouraged for my daily declutters, and Sunday Stew Specials I decided to do the same for a new series called Everyday Active.
There's no time like the present to get going on it!

Everyday I will make sure to do at least 30 minutes of exercise - power walking, Wii EA Active, bike rides with the family, etc.  And to keep myself accountable I'm going to make sure to take a picture doing it and post it daily on the blog.  Eeek!  I've weighed myself and taken measurements but I'm not going to post them....I'm not THAT transparent!  However, I will weigh and measure again in 4 weeks time and let you know what the changes were.  I have faith that there will be!

Fortunately for me, today was a great day to start.  Sunny skies, and the big girls had a one hour dance class that happens to take place in an area with quiet, tree lined roads.  So while they danced, I put on shoes and took a one hour power walk.  Here's what I experienced along the way...

Off I go!
No makeup, windblown hair, lingering cough & cold....but happy to be outside!
One of my favourite sights of spring.  :-)
Golden blossoms
These ducks were happy in a puddle right in someone's front yard.
Wild Rose starting to bloom.
Lengthening Shadows
Obviously, not every "Everyday Active" will involve flowers and scenery, but I'll post at least one photo anyway.  I'd love to hear what you've been doing to keep your heart healthy.  Feel free to comment what you did that day - it's always encouraging to know we're in it together.

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