Saturday, April 23, 2011

Everyday Active # 11 - We Don't "Stroll" Through Gardens

Yep, yesterday was another "skip" day for me...the morning got away from me, and after going to a Good Friday service in the afternoon, we spontaneously had a bunch of people over afterwards for pizza and games that went on till midnight.

So, lesson learned....get your workout in early!

Today was finally a lovely spring day. We went as a family to a fun Easter event and then spent a couple hours wandering around a huge garden in the city. You would think that strolling through the gardens isn't much of a workout...unless you're going with three kids who love to charge through the trails and dash through the hedge maze and climb on rocks and sculptures that you didn't realize had "DO NOT CLIMB" signs on them till afterwards....
 Hey kid!  Off those rocks!

At least we didn't get kicked out.

All in all, not a heart pumping cardio....but muscles were definitely stretched, especially when pushing the stroller uphill!  And there was so much beauty to behold...

Hope you were able to enjoy the day too!

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