Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everyday Active - Skipping Out

We interrupt this evening to blog to you that I have officially skipped out today. No, I didn't get a good cardio workout with a jump rope either. After a seven hour day of appointments at BC Children's with my littlest one, and an hour and a half drive home through traffic (Easter weekend, NHL playoff game to blame!) - it was going to be a stretch to fit one in. Not that I didn't have good husband suggested I could walk up to the video store to return an overdue movie. So after getting the kids going on baths & showers I was all set to do that....when my hubby realized at 8:06 PM that he was supposed to be in a 8:00 PM! Ooops! By the time I got all the kids tucked into bed my bed my jammies were just looking waaay to good to me. I just couldn't muster up the will for a Wii workout.

Peppermint tea and a chick flick it is....I'm officially skipping out!

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