Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everyday Active #7 - The Little Taskmaster

This afternoon I went for a bike ride with my four year old crammed into the bike seat on the back.

The sky started out looking pretty dark and ominous.
It was cold and windy enough to warrant fuzzy mitts.

But we biked along some pretty paths through woods....

  Over bridges....

And arrived at a park just as the sun was coming out again...
We took a few moments to play on the swings.

I wasn't sure how much of a workout I would get today, but my little taskmaster made sure I felt the burn.  As I paused halfway up a hill all out of breath she asked, "Why are you stopping Mommy?"
Me:  "I'm out a breath, I need a break."
Ellie:  Pausing about three seconds, "OK, break's over Mommy! Go Mommy!  Go!  You can do it!  I want to go fast Mommy!  Pedal faster!

Who needs a personal trainer?  I had a 35 lb taskmaster sitting right behind me.

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