Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyday Active #6 - Workout and a Wedding

Time got away from me this morning, and before I knew it, it was an hour before I needed to leave with my husband for a wedding.  Being late wasn't an option, in fact we needed to be there half and hour early since he was performing the ceremony.  I knew I wouldn't be thrilled about having to work out after I returned home from the reception so I was determined to make it happen before I left.

It's so hilarious having my girls dance around me in the living room getting in on some of the exercises.  I love this part of using the Wii - I'm not leaving them to go exercise - they can be a part of it with me, even if it means a little laughing at Mommy's expense.  "Come on Mommy - can't you bend lower?"

Getting in half an hour with the Wii EA Active might have meant that I was blowing out  my hair in the van using the heater vents and putting on my makeup in the parking lot, but hey - there was a chocolate fondue to enjoy at the reception....the workout meant less guilt was involved in the chocolate dipped strawberries.....

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