Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everyday Active #9 - Go On a Mission

It really helps me to go for a power walk or some form of exercise knowing that my husband has my back.  After supper was done and chores were accomplished he put the little one to bed and got the big girls going on music practice and shooed me out the door.  He sent me on a mission to go to the bank and deposit money.  I always find that it's more motivating for me to walk SOMEWHERE on a mission, rather than just walking.  It was a 45 minute power walk there & back, and now my husband doesn't have to have "stop at bank" on his to do list.  Need to pick up some milk?  Return a book to the library?  Go to the video store?  Walk instead!  Get the exercise and save the gas...

It was an added bonus that it wasn't raining....the weather was schizophrenic today....sunny and warm one moment, black and pouring or hailing the next!

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