Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Small Change or "Switch" at a Time!

I was raised to turn off the lights.  My dad would get downright irate if we left the lights on when we left a room.
But I'm sad to say, through my adult life and in my own home I am a terrible light-leaver-on-er.  I like a bright house, and with our rainy days of winter on the west coast, I'll often turn all of them on in the morning and leave it that way all day!

Today I'm breaking that habit.  I'm turning the lights off.  Only turning them on if I'm going to be in that room for a while.  And you know what?  Since I spend most of my daytime hours in the kitchen, I haven't noticed that the other rooms are dimmer.  With the stark reality that 11% of our monthly energy bill comes from lighting your home I'm hoping that the simple "flick of a switch" will make a difference!

Just making a difference.....one small change, or "switch" at a time!

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