Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Urge

Does anyone else get that urge?  You get sick of looking at the Christmas ornaments cluttering up your space and you want things clean and clear?

 I do.  I've been thinning out my Christmas decor quite a bit the last few years and this year I did even more.  I only kept pieces that I found beautiful or meaningful.  How many Christmas mugs do I need?  A more pure minimalist would say none and I have to agree.  I don't NEED any.

Is Christmas really better when you can drink hot cocoa out of a tacky mug?

But I kept three.  One for each of my daughter's to drink their hot chocolate out of.  They really like the scarf mug!  But I'm sending four to the second hand store....that's a minimalist start, right?

I do find it interesting that Christmas becomes a time of crazy stress for most families, when it's supposed to be a time of celebration.  Is part of the stress all the expectations we put on ourselves?  Get those lights up!  Make the house look like Martha Stewart's!  Buy those gifts!

The post new year's urge to purge will continue in my house.  I've got a list of rooms/cupboards to tackle and I'll be happily crossing them off this month.  Next on the list, the tea/coffee cupboard if you can believe it!

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