Saturday, January 15, 2011

Green Eggs & Sausage?

It's hard to know what to do about meat.  We're a regular,carnivorous, suburban family, but it doesn't take rocket science to know that we've got some serious problems with how our meat gets from animal to table.  Ecoli anyone?  Some Listeria on the side?  If you've never had a chance to watch the documentary,  "Food Inc", I highly recommend it.

But in light of all the negative press the meat industry has been getting, it's nice to hear some good news.  Frebeye is a Langley based gourmet meat & sausage company, which the family began 165 years ago in Germany.  I know I've mightily enjoyed their Cranberry Sausages that they serve every year at the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival.  And every year I make a special Christmas Morning Sausage Recipe that was a classic of my mother in law's and I use the Freybe Turkey Sausage to help cut down on the fat.

So what's the good news about Freybe's Gourmet Meats?  According to an article in our local paper, the company has been taking huge leaps and bounds to sustainability.  They're reusing and conserving energy in creative ways, and reducing and recycling waste.  They're even recycling their own smoke!   You can check out the whole article here.

So if you're not a vegan, and you enjoy some smoked sausage from time to time, isn't it good to know that there's some "Green Sausage" to be had out there?

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