Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Declutter #3 - The Drawer of Fabulousness

Since it's Saturday, we're going to take on a bigger challenge.  Hopefully you've had a less hectic morning (unless of course your kids wake up at 5:00 AM, and you've already put in a good 4 hour day!) and you've got some energy and maybe even some help to take on a little bigger project.

It's time to take on a junk drawer.  Whichever room it is in the house (mine's in the kitchen!) it's time to get ruthless.  Dump out all the contents onto your kitchen table so you are forced to deal with it.  Or if you have too many little hands that want to get in and help, lock yourself in the bathroom with the drawer.  Bet you've never done that before!

1.  Toss out the trash - old flyers, expired coupons, pens that don't work - your pile of junk will already be dramatically reduced!
2.   Take out what doesn't belong - toys, CDs, makeup, screws - you know they have a better home somewhere.  Put them away - don't just put them in another basket.
3.  Sort the rest into 2 piles - useful or not useful - if you haven't found the need to use something in the last year, it's not likely you ever will!  Get rid of it!  Throw it away, or put in a donation box.  Be merciless!!!  Don't hold it in your hand and think, "Maybe one day I could really use this thing that I never even knew was in here..."
4.  Then find a drawer organizer, or simply use a couple different shaped tupperware bins like I did, and put your useful items away.
5.  Lastly, vow to never again call it a Junk Drawer.  Now it's an Odds & Ends Drawer, or Drawer of Essential Items, or Drawer of Fabulousness!

So what ended up staying in my Drawer of Fabulousness? 

Light bulbs, pair of scissors, a box cutter, packing tape, masking tape, string,  pack of under leg chair protectors, notepad, & an airfreshner.  All useful!  My drawer isn't doesn't have a cute 'lil container or a row of gleaming cubes, it's just a couple tupperware bins.  But everything is useful & within sight & reach!

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