Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily Declutter #2 - The Sock Box

Today's daily declutter is another fast and simple one. Dump out your sock drawer AND your sock box - c'mon, I know you all have one.  It's the box or drawer with all the lonely, single, socks, that have long ago lost their mate to the dryer zone.

Toss out those socks with holes.  Or if you are in need of some rags, my sister cuts old socks open and uses them for cleaning cloths.  I happen to have a ton of old rags, so I just tossed mine.  Then toss out those socks whose mates have been missing for over a month.  Admit it - their partner is never coming back.

Then divide your socks into 3 piles:
Sport Socks - socks you use for working out, running etc.
Winter Socks - fuzzy!  fuzzy!  fuzzy!
Dress Socks - thin socks you can wear under a dress boot

Now start thinning out some more!  If you work out 5 times a week, then 7-9 workout socks should be plenty. Do you live in a cold climate & wear warm, fuzzy, or wool socks in the winter?  Then one for every day of the week should be fine, plus a couple extra.  How may times per week do you honestly wear your high heeled dress boots?  Then keep a that many pairs plus a couple extra.

My big feat (ha!) was tossing out all those toe socks that were popular some years back.  I received quite a few as gifts, but I never got the hang of wearing them - my toes just didn't want to stay corralled, I guess.  I got rid of 5 pairs and no, I don't feel an ounce of guilt about it.
Yep, had a pair just like these.  Buh-bye.

I love my stripey, fuzzy, non-toed socks and gladly wear them all winter long.  If you're into a more basic, pared down wardrobe, a minimalist tip is to buy the same style and colour all the time - you never have to waste time sorting and matching!  I actually do this for my husband for the most part, since he loves grey, wool socks.

Whew - that's a lot of sock talk, but you'll be glad to declutter that drawer and be able to close it once again.


  1. I actually have toe socks in the back of my sock drawer too! I like the tip for using the ones with holes as cleaning rags, great idea! I better hustle & clean out BOTH of my sock drawers.

  2. I am doing my sock drawer today, and I always dread it. That is until my 3 year old found a love of the matching game. Now he sorts all the colored socks and I do all the white ones. Time to purge down on the socks, the drawer is not quite closing! oops