Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily Declutter #4 - I'm Here to Support You

Y'all knew it had to be coming - we did the underwear drawer, sock drawer, now it's time to take on declutter your "Supportive Undergarments".
And if they're looking anything like the ones above, we've really got to sit down and talk.  This Declutter Challenge could take you all of 3 minutes if you don't hesitate.  Do it now!

Dump out your drawer, toss out any regularly worn "items" that are older than three years.  Stop crying and just do it.  I'm actually being merciful here, because their shelf life is more like two years.  Toss out ones that are broken and you have held together with safety pins.

Now for the "items" that you only wear from time to time, think about if you really NEED them.  If you realize that the days of the strapless dress are long past you and your childbearing/nursing body just doesn't need the reminder then toss that specialty item.  Or the one that you thought was cute on the rack and is just itchy & unbearable?  Or one that shows unsightly seams through a shirt but you hold onto it thinking, "Well, if I wear six layers and a bulky sweater I could use it..."  Toss, toss, toss!

Now go out and buy a new one, because I can guarantee, you probably could use a little pick me up.

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