Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Sweater Day

Did you know that today is "National Sweater Day" , an idea dreamed up by the World Wildlife Federation?  They are encouraging people to "put on a sweater and keep the planet cool".  My first thought was, "Duuuuuhhhh -isn't it just common sense to put on a sweater when I feel cold instead of cranking up the heat?"  But then I read a little further and it actually suggests turning down the thermostat by a full three degrees on that day.  So if you normally have it set at 20 degrees, have it set to 17.

Brrrrr...sounds a little chilly.

But I'm giving it a go today, wearing my coziest gray sweater and a pair of (hand made by my mother in law) slippers.

Just a simple action that maybe I could get used to.  Maybe I'll actually see a difference in my energy bill.  Maybe it will actually reduce my reduce my carbon footprint.  Or at the very least, maybe it'll actually keep my children from kicking off their socks and leaving them laying all around the house.

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