Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great Use for Overripe Watermelon

When my mom was in town she picked up a watermelon at the grocery store for us.  The problem was, the weather was chilly and rainy so nobody felt like watermelon.  When I finally decided to serve it up one day after school we were disappointed to discover that it was overripe.  You know when it gets that weird mealy texture?  Sigh...what a waste.

But then I thought, "Hey, it still tastes's not rotten or anything, just not a nice crisp slice.  I wonder if I could use it for something else?"

So I diced it up, put the cubes in the freezer, and once they were frozen solid I put them all in a big bag and left them in the freezer.  We've been using them all week for after school smoothies and slushies.

They are great blended with a handful of frozen strawberries and a splash of orange juice, pink lemonade or limeade.  You don't need to add ice cubes at all....just use your "watermelon cubes".  Add more or less fruit juice for your desired consistency.  So refreshing and makes a perfect homemade "Slushie" without all the food colouring and crazy amounts of sugar.

Perfect on a hot day!

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